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The most cosmopolitan city in the galaxy, and a guy can't even get a freakin' sandwich.


That should be the least of Izo's concerns. He's already been kidnapped by aliens and dragged halfway across the galaxy so they can make a buck off his talents. Sure, he knew being able to fly made him special, but he had no idea the cult-like—yet weirdly servile—status Avarians hold beyond Earth's boundaries. As they arrive in the entertainment capital of IA, he's got two choices: cooperate with his captor’s increasingly ridiculous schemes in exchange for his return trip to Earth, or take flight and be trapped on the wrong side of the universe forever.

Easy Right?

With a bisexual, Latinx hero and cast of unpredictably oddball aliens, STATIC OVER SPACE flips the script on damsels-in-distress to take a hilariously scathing look at the underlying nature of sexual politics, gender roles, and power imbalance.


Mixing voice-driven satire with modern representations and necessary #MeToo discussions, STATIC OVER SPACE will launch readers into a world of warring CEOs, gender-bent intrigue, and flight.

Now including:


  1. Flying Chicanos

  2. Tele-empathic aliens

  3. Intersexual Popstars

  4. Sandwiches!

  5. A female “Wookie”

  6. A male “Damsel-in-distress”

  7. The sharkiest Villian of all time

  8. Buckets of wholesome, subversive fun for everyone!!

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