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When's Static Over Space being released?

    We are slated for launch from

Outland Entertainment on March 8, 2022

(International Women's Days!)

Static Over Space is described as a "Gender Bending SciFi." What does that mean?

     Izo is a modern male with superpowers. But he's also a victim of intergalactic trafficking.​ His odyssey and obstacles aren't normal "male hero" obstacles.

Where did the idea for Static Over Space come from?

     As fanfic for an anime.

Do you still write fanfic?

     Great question. I think the trick to solving the Traveling Salesman's Problem will ultimately involve an algorithm that transposes the shape of a circle onto the assigned journey. It's a weird theory, but it just makes sense. Every time nature goes to conserve energy, it always returns to circles. 

Who made your website?


Where did the title, STATIC OVER SPACE, come from?

     From a discussion with my spouse about sending messages to other planets; even if we perfected a precise, sure-proof way of getting messages across the galaxy, there's still a high likelihood our communication would forever being mistaken as Static Over Space.


About the Author

C.G. Volars is a 3rd generation Mexican-American author and wickedly sarcastic English teacher. A National Hispanic Scholar from the University of Alabama, she was born in Texas where her love for outlandish characters and subversive literature first took hold. 


C.G. has lived in 3 countries, 4 states, survived a Category 5 hurricane, and is proudly banned for life from the Vatican. She currently resides in Northern California with her husband, daughters, and two grey cats—Skittles and Rosie. When not writing, she howls at high schoolers to read, gardens poorly, and collects hat pins.

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