content warnings.

The following are written notice of potentially sensitive content. These notices are listed so that readers may prepare themselves adequately to engage with the material, should they so choose.

Static Over Space contains discussions and depictions of:

  • manipulation, toxic relationship, gaslighting, emotional control, bullying, narcissistic personality disorder

  • human trafficking, kidnapping, abduction, extortion

  • sexism, misogynistic language (metaphorical*)

  • loss, death of a parent, death of a loved one, murder

  • mother-daughter relationships, slut-shaming by a parent, value on virginity

  • needles, manipulation using prescriptions & drugs (metaphorical & literal), addiction, withdrawal

  • sexual harassment, toxic work & social environments, sexual battery in a crowded place, statuatory rape, attempted sexual assault, victim-blaming

  • anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, PTSD, self-hatred

  • denial using humor

*In Static Over Space, “Avarians” are people of any species born with the ability to fly. The way "Avarians" are treated outside of Earth is highly reminiscent of the historically misogynistic treatment of women on Earth.

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