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The most cosmopolitan city in the galaxy, and a guy can't even get a freakin' sandwich.


That should be the least of Izo's concerns. He's already been kidnapped by aliens and dragged halfway across the galaxy so they can make a buck off his talents. Sure, he knew being able to fly made him special, but he had no idea the cult-like—yet weirdly servile—status Avarians hold beyond Earth's boundaries.


As they arrive in the entertainment capital of IA, he's got two choices: cooperate with his captor’s increasingly ridiculous schemes in exchange for his return trip to Earth, or take flight and be trapped on the wrong side of the universe forever.

Easy Right?

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Volars’s worldbuilding is captivating, with colorful coexisting alien cultures reminiscent

C.G. Volars is a 3rd generation Mexican-American author and wickedly sarcastic English teacher. A National Hispanic Scholar from the University of Alabama, she was born in Texas where her love for outlandish characters and subversive literature first took hold. 


C.G. has lived in 3 countries, 4 states, survived a Category 5 hurricane and is proudly banned for life from the Vatican. She currently resides in Northern California with her husband, daughters, and two grey cats—Skittles and Rosie. When not writing, she howls at high schoolers to read, gardens poorly, and collects hat pins.

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Jeremy D. Mohler is a professional illustrator whose work has been featured in comic books, book covers, album art, text books, and trading card games

Jeremy grew up on a farm in Topeka, Kansas.  He attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art and earned his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2004. He has been featured in ImagineFX fantasy art magazine and he was juried into Spectrum 15 in 2007.  See more of Jeremy’s work at www.jeremymohler.com.

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